PM Question Time

Just a brief update for everyone…Yesterday we received a reply from Steve Brine MP following Julie Elliott debate on Prime minister’s question time.

It wasn’t the answers we were looking for and I will post further once I’ve spoken to certain professionals and taken some further advice.
Could I please ask any young ladies out there if they have attended their GP’s surgery with problems with abnormal bleeding, pain, etc who were under 25 and refused a cervical smear but were offered a speculum examination.

I need some case studies on this as the feedback I keep getting is one where under 25’s aren’t being offered this as well as being refused a smear?

Anyone who could confirm this has happened would you be so good as to inbox me?

Anonymity is assured, I just need to see how common this is.

Thank you in advance and hope everyone has a happy Easter 🐣

Love Ambers law xxx