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The current age for cervical cancer screening in England is 25.

If you are under 25 you aren’t allowed to have a screening due to the NHS guidelines, some GP’s will send women under 25 for a smear if they have certain symptoms yet some won’t.

This is why #Amberslaw needs to come in place. This means there would be a guideline through the NHS which allows all GP’s in any area of the U.K. to send people for smears under 25 if they have symptoms which are classed as alarming or high risk.

Any woman under the age of 25 who is not eligible for cervical cancer screening who goes to the doctors with any kind of problems in their lower half on 2 occasions will have the OPTION to have screening.

Amber went to the doctors multiple (we are talking over 10 at least) times over the course of a few years and was constantly told “it’s your hormones, it’s a water infection, it’s your pill” and when she asked for a screening they said no ‘she was too young’.

We paid for her to get one private at the age of 21 and found she had cervical cancer that had been there for 2-4 years already. This over the course of 4 years spread to her lungs and her throat.

Amber died at the age of 25, we lost a sister, daughter, granddaughter and an amazing friend to cancer because she was failed by the people who were meant to provide her care.

How would you feel if it was your sister or daughter? If you know deep down they could have been saved and still here today if they had the option for a screening at any age?


Amber Cliff
Amber Cliff