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Amber’s Law is an ongoing petition to change the NHS guidelines around cervical screening so that it is available to high-risk groups from the age of 18

Amber went to the doctors multiple times and was refused a screening on all of these occasions because her age was below the NHS guidelines. Amber then went on to pay for a private screening at the age of 21 and found she had cervical cancer that had been there for 2-4 years already.

This over the course of four years spread to her lungs and her throat and Amber sadly died at the age of 25.

Amber Cliff

Described as a ” silent killer”, cervical cancer is where the disease starts in the neck of the womb – the cervix. Around 3,000 new cases are diagnosed in the UK each year.

It is possible for women of all ages to develop the disease, but it is very rare in women under the age of 25.

In 2014, there were 3,224 new cases of the disease diagnosed in the UK, while 890 women lost their lives.

Firstly you can sign our petition. Any woman under the age of 25 who is not eligible for cervical cancer screening who goes to the doctors with any kind of problems in their lower half on 2 occasions will have the option to have screening.

Secondly, if you would like to make a donation this will go directly to the Hope 4 Kidz charity which Amber’s law works with.

There are various ways you can help raise awareness of Amber’s Law.

We have awareness events all over the UK where individuals and groups take part in events to spread the word and also raise much-needed funds for the Hope 4 Kidz charity which Amber’s Law supports.

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Amber's Story

Amber Rose Cliff tragically passed away on January 8th,2017 as a result of cervical cancer which spread to her lungs and throat after a four year battle.

She had repeatedly asked her GP for a smear and this request was denied many times for a number of reasons, the main one being that at 22 she wasn’t old enough, as you need to be 25.

Amber then went private and was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and underwent gruelling chemotherapy, radiotherapy and many surgical operations during this time. She was a university graduate and held a good job as a housing officer with Gentoo.

Amber left behind Family, many close friends, partner and work colleagues who are all devastated.

We are pushing through Amber’s Law to change the current cervical smear test law from the current age of 25 down to 18 which will give young women a better chance of detection and survival and hopefully stop the pain and heartache Amber and her friends and family went through.


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All money raised will go towards helping change the law, along with helping other women who are going through the same awful situation.